Net Zero

What we do

Coratom provides a SaaS platform to manage CO2 emissions for companies and government bodies

The tool helps the customers to align their net zero goals with products and services that they offer across their respective value chain.

Our clean technology experts provide engineering consulting to enable customers to select and implement the relevant low CO2 solutions, site-specific, to achieve net zero

Coratom serves the real economy and physical assets

Our Mission

The real challenge for the Unicorn - our Planet Earth


Annual world CO2 reduction
to 2050 needed to keep
temperature under 2ºC

20 years+

World temperatures will continue
to rise even with no Co2
emissions released.
Planification is vital


…World primary energy
consumption remains from
fossil fuel. An orderly and
fast exit must be
coordinated globally

only the planet earth as a system
can become net zero

Companies and government bodies contribute to carbon neutrality.
Coratom helps you to achieve the minimum of 5% annual CO2 reduction until 2050

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We are a Swiss Organisation

Your data are protected by the Swiss laws

For our planet to become carbon neutral a great deal of collaboration, coordination and transparency between countries will be critical. We believe our Swiss legally will facilate the endaviour between all countries with a strong focus on the key polluting ones

Our MIssion

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